Vancouver Sportfishing Charters Guided Salmon Fishing

Best times to go SALMON FISHING

If you are planning your trip...here are some useful tips:

      1st choice -  morning departure within a low or high tide

     2nd choice - morning departure

     3rd choice - Pick a tide...High or Low and plan to fish through

one  of these times.

Although some times are better than others, you can catch Salmon all day long in the Vancouver area

SAlmon Fishing Licence

In order to fish and keep any salmon in BC waters, you must have a valid Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence. Please go on line and obtain your Licence prior to your Salmon Fishing Charter. Everyone planning to play a fish must have a Licence.

(Please ask your guide for his suggestions)

WHere we fish

Usually a 20 - 25 min run takes us to the prime fishing grounds. Sometimes we are lucky enough to catch them right off our doorstep in Horseshoe Bay. Depending on the time of year and runs of fish, longer runs may be necessary. If these runs take us to the Gulf Islands or South Arm of the Fraser river, 8 hr trips and/or fuel surcharges may be necessary.

What salmon do we catch

The Vancouver area has a vast abundance of salmon due to many of the rich spawning river's that empty into the Georgia Strait. This along with the recent unprecedented returns of herring have all contributed to providing some outstanding world class salmon fishing. The 5 species of salmon that we catch throughout the year are: Chinook (Spring or King), Coho (silvers), Sockeye, Pink and Chum. Quite often these runs of fish overlap and the results can be unbelievable.

* includes all tackle and equipment

* extra hours $100.00/hr.

* taxes not included


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"the worst day fishing is better

than the best day working"

                    Half Day (5 hrs.)

         1  People - $650.00

         2  People - $675.00

         3  People - $700.00

         4  People - $750.00

         5  People - $825.00

         6  People - $875.00